5 Ways to Plan Your Backyard for the Upcoming Year

Backyard for the Upcoming Year

Do your New Year’s resolutions mainly include activities for self-development, such as learning a new hobby and spending more time with loved ones? Or does your list include home improvement, looking into new properties and taking inspiration at Frank Lloyd Wright Apartments Scottsdale AZ 85260 especially when renovating and redesigning your backyard?  If you’re part of the … Read more

Chemistry Pick-Up Lines to Try on Your Crush

Chemistry Pick Up Lines to Try on Your Crush

There’s no better way to set off a chemical reaction than with the best chemistry pickup line! A collection of cute, corny, funny, and possibly even effective chemistry pickup lines. Deliver chemistry pick-up lines in a lab coat for best results. Wearing disposable gloves might seem creepy, even if safety goggles are helpful. Discover a … Read more

How to Customize Pre-Employment Jobs Skills Tests for Better Hiring

Jobs Skills

Hiring mistakes cost employers thousands annually. Data compiled by Undercover Recruiter shows that if a mid-level manager who earns $62,000 is terminated after 2.5 years, it costs the company $840,000. This includes hiring costs, salary and benefits, and severance pay, as well as disruption to overall productivity and lost business opportunities.  The average company spends … Read more

How to increase Winning chance at Slots

increase Winning chance

Online gaming Tips – Playing slots online is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time when looking for a bit of fun. The best part about online slots is that it’s easy to get started, and there are plenty of free games to choose from. The game is simple: you have to … Read more

Fascinating Facts About Snow Fleas

Fascinating Facts About Snow Fleas

A group of snow fleas hopping merrily in melting snow is always a thrill for insect enthusiasts after a long, cold, nearly bug-free winter. Snow fleas aren’t actually fleas, despite the fact that few people like them. Arthropods, such as spiders, scorpions, horseshoe crabs, and katydids, are what snow fleas are. What Do Snow Fleas … Read more

The Implied Powers of Congress

The Implied Powers of Congress

In the United States federal government, implied powers refer to those powers exercised by Congress that are not expressly granted to it by the Constitution, but are deemed “necessary and proper” for executing those constitutionally granted powers. Key Takeaways: Implied Powers of Congress Is it possible for Congress to pass laws that the Constitution does … Read more

What Is the Eye of the Sahara?

What Is the Eye of the Sahara

Known also as the Richat Structure or the Guelb er Richat, the Blue Eye of the Sahara is a geological formation in the Sahara Desert that somewhat resembles an enormous bullseye in shape. In Mauritania, there is a formation that extends across a region of the desert that stretches across 40 kilometers wide.  Key Takeaways: … Read more