What Do Caterpillars Eat?

What Do Caterpillars Eat

Caterpillars eat plants to feed themselves. Larvae of certain butterflies and moths feed almost exclusively on plants. Most caterpillars munch happily on leaves, though some eat other plant parts, like seeds and flowers. Generalist Feeders vs. Specialist Feeders Generalists are the caterpillars that feed on leaves, twigs and fruits while specialists feed only on one … Read more

Types of Sensory Receptors: Classification by Stimulus

types of sensory receptors

Sensory receptors are primarily classified as chemoreceptors, thermoreceptors, mechanoreceptors, or photoreceptors. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Differentiate among the types of stimuli to which receptors respond KEY TAKEAWAYS Key Points Chemoreceptors detect the presence of chemicals. Thermoreceptors detect changes in temperature. Mechanoreceptors detect mechanical forces. Photoreceptors detect light during vision. More specific examples of sensory receptors are baroreceptors, … Read more

You All in Spanish Formal: What is the Formal Way?

You All in Spanish Formal What is the Formal Way

“You” in Spanish PronounNumber and Formality vos singular and formal or informal usted singular and formal vosotros plural and informal ustedes plural and formal or informal That being so, how many different ways can you say you all in Spanish? two ways Else, what is the plural of you in Spanish? We. Vosotros/as. You (plural, informal) Ustedes. You (plural, formal) So anyway, what are … Read more

Gun Cotton: Definition, Hazards & FAQs

gun cotton

Guncotton or nitrocellulose (also known as trinitrocellulose and cellulose nitrate)is a mild explosive, used in rockets, propellants, printing ink bases, leather finishing, and celluloid (a mixture of nitrocellulose and camphor; first used to manufacture billiard balls). It is prepared by treating ordinary cotton with a mixture of concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids, which replaces the hydrogen atom on the OH groups … Read more

Scientific Principle — Definition & Examples

Scientific Principle — Definition & Examples

The terms scientists use to describe what they study can seem arbitrary. It may seem as though the words they use are only words with nothing else to them. But studying the terms scientists use to describe various phenomena lets you better understand the meaning behind them. Newton’s law of universal gravitation demonstrates the universalizable, … Read more