How to Find Slope from Two Points?

How to Find Slope from Two Points

Use the slope formula to find the slope of a line given the coordinates of two points on the line. The slope formula is m=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1), or the change in the y values over the change in the x values. The coordinates of the first point represent x1 and y1. The coordinates of the second points … Read more

Comparing Numbers — Symbols & Examples

Comparing numbers

Comparing numbers is a basic concept that we have learned in our primary classes. When we have two numbers or quantities to compare, then we use three basic symbols, they are: Equal to (=) Greater than symbol (>) Less than symbol (<) Let us learn in this article, how to compare two numbers and what sign … Read more

How Do You Find The Discriminant of a Quadratic Equation?

The Discriminant

The Discriminant When does ax2+bx+c=0 have a real solution? Well, we know how to find the solutions using the quadratic formula: x=−b±√b2−4ac2a. That makes it look like we can always get solutions. However, we can’t always exercise a square root! Sometimes you’ll see a negative number under the radical. A negative under the radical means there is no real … Read more

Relations and Functions – Explanation & Examples

Relations and Functions

Relations and Functions are the most essential topics in algebra. Relations and functions – these are the two different words having separate meanings mathematically. You might get confused about their difference. Before we go deeper, let’s understand the variation between both with a simple example. An ordered pair is described as (INPUT, OUTPUT):  The relation … Read more