How to Build Trust in the Workplace

Trust is an important element of a happy and productive workplace. When employees and managers all trust each other, it creates a positive atmosphere with fewer conflicts, issues, or misunderstandings. Trust can also inspire loyalty, reduce staff turnover, and give you a chance to build a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Here’s a look at some of the best ways to build trust in your workplace. 

Listen to People

One of the most effective and easiest ways to build trust is to listen to people. Little things like remembering small details that people have told you will make them feel appreciated and let them know that they matter to you. Listening will also help you to identify strengths and weaknesses, giving you a chance to invest in the development of your team, and a way to arrange shift patterns to suit people’s needs — all of which will increase their trust in you. 

Communicate Well

Communication is a great way to build trust. If your team members always feel like the last to know about changes or developments, or you don’t communicate your expectations clearly, they’ll be unhappy, demotivated, and will be more likely to make mistakes. There are some great courses that you can take to help you to develop your communication and leadership skills. You should read more and consider enrolling if you want to improve communication and trust in the workplace. 

Lead by Example

If you want the people that you employ to trust you, you need to show them that you are trustworthy and that you are hardworking, dependable, and someone worth their trust and respect. Lead by example with things like how you present yourself, how you speak to others, your attitude, and how hard you work. But also, by showing that you are willing to get stuck in and help out when it’s busy. 

Be Considerate of People’s Needs

It’s not always possible to give everyone exactly what they want in terms of shift schedules, tasks, and perks, but you should still try to take people’s needs and other responsibilities into consideration. 

Invest in Self-Improvement

A manager that goes out of their way to develop their own skills and knowledge is typically someone that people trust, especially when they can see that they have acknowledged and are working on their weaknesses. 

Be Transparent and Honest

Another incredibly effective way to build trust is to eliminate mistrust. One way to do this is by being open and transparent about your business practices. If you can’t do something, explain your reasons. If someone is being treated differently, explain why. Explain decisions, have clear and open processes, and be prepared to answer questions honestly. 

Trust Others and Don’t Micromanage

Trusting others is a fantastic way to get them to trust you. As a manager or leader, you can do this by letting your team work. Be clear in your expectations, and then let them get on with things. Allowing home working is a great way to do this that can have countless other benefits

Trust is incredibly important whether you run a small business with a few staff or a much larger enterprise. When we trust, and trust in others, we’re free to grow, innovate, and take risks to push our businesses forward. 

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