How Important is Utah Insurance License Exam Prep?

Congratulations for making the decision to better your career by becoming licensed. Now that you have decided to take the exam, you may have a few anxieties when it comes to passing or failing. The important thing to remember is to keep a cool head and handle your exam prep diligently.

The following information is gathered in order to help you better understand the exam, give you an idea of the fees you will have to pay, and what you can do to ensure a passing grade.

What is the Utah Insurance License Exam?

According to, the Utah insurance exams are challenging. That information alone answers our question of how important exam prep will be to passing. goes on to state that depending on what type of exam you will need to take, you may have to remember different insurance concepts and terminology. 

All of the exams have two parts:

  • A state-specific section: State laws and regulations
  • A nation section: A more broad look at state laws and regulations

In order to pass, you will need a passing score of 70 on both sections and they are not averaged together. Combing the sections together, there will be a total of 100 questions and you will have 150 minutes to complete them.

Different Types of Exams for Various Fields

To get the most out of your Utah insurance license exam prep, you will need to know what type of license you need.

  • Producer: Someone who sells, solicits, negotiates, or services insurance policies or plans. This type of license is the most common.
  • Consultant: A professional who provides advice to an insurance company for a fee
  • Adjuster: Someone who settles insurance claims. Only independent and public adjusters are required to be licensed.

Once you’ve figured that out, you need to determine what lines of business you will be selling or servicing.

  • Property and Casualty: Auto, homeowners umbrella, commercial, business owners, and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Personal Lines: Personal auto, homeowners, and umbrella insurance
  • Life: Life insurance and annuities
  • Accident/Health: Major medical, disability, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and long-term care insurance

What are the Costs?

For those taking the exam that is specific to Utah, it is $32 for one line and $44 for 2 (such as Property and Casualty. Once you are able to receive your license, its $75 for the individual license fee. However, there are additional costs such as $28.25 for fingerprint submission fee and a $6 Prometric processing fee.

How Long Should I Study for the Exam?

Professionals recommend studying for a minimum of 20 hours per line of insurance. This regiment should be spread out over a week or two. 

Exam Outlines

Prometric gives all the exams and they also offer exam outlines to help you pass the test. Exam outlines listed on their website include the following:

  • Producer’s Life Exam
  • Producer’s Accident and Health Exam
  • Producer’s Combined Life, Accident, and Health Exam
  • Producer’s Combined Property and Casualty Exam
  • Consultant’s Combined Life, Accident, and Health Exam
  • Consultant’s Combined Property and Casualty Exam
  • Adjuster’s Property and Casualty Exam
  • Adjuster’s Accident and Health Exam
  • Producer’s Title Marketing Representative Exam
  • Producer’s Title Examination Exam
  • Producer’s Title Escrow Exam
  • Utah Laws and Regulations Exam
  • Producer’s Personal Lines Exam
  • Surplus Lines Producer Exam
  • Producer’s Property Exam
  • Producer’s Casualty Exam
  • Consultant’s Life Exam
  • Consultant’s Accident and Health Exam
  • Adjuster’s Crop Exam
  • Adjuster’s Workers Compensation Exam
  • Consultant’s Property Exam
  • Consultant’s Casualty Exam

What Kinds of Questions Should I Expect on the Utah Insurance License Exam?

All of the questions will be multiple choice and they are pulled from a large pool. This is to ensure that no two students will have the exam same question on the test. Past test-takers have reported that the exams are usually heavy on terminology and numbers. Numbers can mean many different things such as dollar amounts or time periods. Test-takers can usually expect a third dedicated to each important element.

  • A third on terminology
  • A third on number questions
  • A third on situational questions

Questions are usually mixed and not grouped by category, which makes the exam all the more challenging. It is also important to mention that all exams are taken via computer. The plus side to this method is that you will know your score right after taking the exam. However, you will not be provided with a copy of the exam showing what you got wrong.

What if I Fail the Utah Insurance License Exam?

The good thing about the Utah Insurance License exam is that you can usually register to retake the exam within a few days of your previous attempt. Keep in mind you will have to pay the exam fee with every retake. 

What can I Do to Prepare for the Utah License Exam?

There are many different ways that you can study for your exam, and you can even use more than one method.

  • Online courses, quizzes, and practice exams
  • Printed study guides and flashcards
  • Webinar instruction
  • Examination Prep Books

When taking on any of these study techniques, it is always important to remember to take breaks, eat, and stay hydrated. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself out. Burnout can hurt your chances of passing.

A good rule of thumb is to walk away from the preparation and take a break if you suddenly find yourself unable to retain the information. If you can’t remember what you just read, it’s time for a break.

It is no doubt that any examination will be challenging. For something that will benefit your career, like the Utah Insurance License Exam, you definitely want to dedicate a good amount of time to test prep. Remember to study hard, but don’t burn yourself out. A good idea is to dedicate a set amount of time and days to prepare.

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