Online Math Classes and Websites for Kids 2022

Currently, there are numerous online learning resources and educational sites that cover different subject areas. Interestingly, despite the websites being in the thousands, many people have a tough time pinpointing high-quality and exciting services that can capture their children’s attention for a considerable period.

Whether you need an interactive mathematic course online for your kid or an interactive game to help them hone their mathematical skills, there will definitely be an online resource catering to these needs. In 2022, online educational websites may offer personalized courses, educational videos, interactive games, etc. They cater to kids at different levels, from Pre-K to high school.

Educational websites have varying plans for different types of students, including homeschooled ones. If you are looking for the best math classes and websites for your child to learn math or improve the existing knowledge, here are some of the top resources to consider.

1. Brighterly

Brighterly is undoubtedly one of the top math websites for kids in 2022. The platform has a unique approach to math education. This math website’s principle is that the subject should be taught using an engaging approach so that children can understand the concepts easily and have fun while learning.

To achieve these goals, Brighterly skillfully combines learning and entertainment, using a mix of videos, articles, games, and activities to teach math concepts. The lessons cover various topics, from basic addition and subtraction to more complex courses like geometry and algebra. employs some of the best teachers with rich experience under their belts.

Therefore, you can be assured that your kids are taught using commendable teaching methods that inspire an interest in math. Besides placement testing, the website offers a personalized schedule to provide students with tailor-made lessons. Another benefit is that the courses are fairly priced. Rates start at $20 for one lesson.

2. Mathnasium

This website has developed a new approach to learning mathematics. Mathnasium bases its service on the understanding that students have already acquired the necessary level of math knowledge, so they work on consolidating the information and filling all the possible gaps. Mathnasium will carefully work through the topics with your child to ensure they understand everything and can solve the problems by themselves.

It is a great website for kids who have gaps in their mathematical knowledge since Mathnasium gradually expands a child’s scientific thinking through systematic introduction to new mathematical concepts. However, you should note that this website does not offer any online lessons, and their courses are location-dependent. The Mathnasium website offers physical locations where your child can study. The price of a single lesson ranges from $25 to $35. Mathnasium has 1000+ offices globally.

3. Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep prides itself in solely employing full-time teachers whose main goals in the industry are to assist kids in improving their grades, boost self-esteem, and minimize mathematics anxiety. With this online resource, students receive one-on-one tutoring sessions online.

They can also choose private lessons where tutors offer highly-personalized training which bears impressive results. Revolution Prep is not exclusively for taking math lessons. They offer academic help in various subjects, including Science and English.

Although tutoring sessions are not free, they are very affordable and you can purchase a package of 5 hours for $349 or 10 hours for $649. The website is user-friendly, and the service continually connects parents with the best educators around the world.

4. Think Academy

This math learning website offers interactive classes and is one of the best programs for elementary students. Think Academy focuses on each student using scientific methods and individual approaches. The team of this site is committed to helping every student learn and succeed in their academic journey by offering a free assessment of each individual’s knowledge.

Think Academy develops comprehensive, interesting training programs, paying great attention to placing students in different groups according to their knowledge level, rendering the lessons even more effective. The website offers very affordable rates with a monthly subscription of $19.99/month, which gives access to all the courses.

You also have the option of purchasing a single course for $49.99. Think Academy offers students modest virtual prizes to encourage their progress. It is also easy to monitor the progress through the results of practical and home tasks indicated in the regular learning reports. Students also have the option of learning in groups.

5. IXL Learning

This website is a great option if you want an online math class for your kids. IXL Learning offers over 5,000 math skills for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The site has been designed with the help of top-notch teachers so you can be assured that your child is getting quality content.

IXL Learning is an excellent tool for revising math because it offers material covering 2000 skills in early math. The site has a unique, comprehensive reporting system and is also available in the UK version. It offers comprehensive and targeted lessons that adapt to each student’s level.

The content is regularly updated to align with the latest curriculum standards.IXL Learning can also be accessed on mobile devices so your kid can also learn while on the go. The pricing starts from $9.95 per month for a single child.

6. is an online math classes website offering quality content for all levels of students. Teachers have designed the site to ensure students get the best possible education. The site offers over 12,000 math lessons for students from Kindergarten to grade 12. site also has many resources that parents and teachers can use. The site has mobile compatibility, so students can still learn on their devices from any location as long as they have internet connection. Subscriptions start from $19.95 per month. Your child can work with a tutor in real time to complete their mathematics assignments.


There are many online math classes and websites available for kids. However, not all of them are equally good. When choosing an online math class, it is important to consider the site’s content, price, and features. Hopefully, this article will help you narrow down the options to settle on the best online math resources.

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