Top HR Certifications to Boost Your Career in Human Resources

Human Resources is a vast field that is constantly evolving with the changing times. The practices that were followed ten or twenty years ago might not apply to the current times. The existing workforce’s demands and needs are different; therefore, the older practices cannot be applied to them, or else it would lead to employee dissatisfaction or high employee turnover.

To stay updated with the current industry trends and practices, HR personnel nowadays opt for pursuing HR certification courses. HR certifications have become an increasingly popular way of career advancement in the field of Human Resources because they build and showcase updated knowledge on best HR practices.

HR certifications not only help in achieving short-term growth in an organization, but they also support your long-term career success. Nowadays, employers need HR personnel to be experienced and qualified so that their organizational needs can be achieved efficiently. It is vital to stay relevant in the world of HR, therefore, HR certifications serve as a platform to help several individuals across the globe.

Top HR Certifications

HR certifications are a great way to gain skills and knowledge, find potential new career paths, and connect with the wider community. Here are a few of the HR certifications that can help you choose the right HR certification program for you:

Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM) by HR University

This certification is designed by HR University, which is an HR education platform that offers learning programs that are a compilation of on-demand, expert-led video courses, and interactive learning techniques. It allows professionals to expand their knowledge and further their careers as an HR professional or deepen specific knowledge on certain HR topics. 

This certification will follow an online video course in HR management practices, such as team management, developing an HR strategy, designing hiring programs, and technical skills that improve the candidate’s performance in leadership. The Certified HR Manager (CHRM) course consists of 90 lessons, that include assignments, real-life case studies, and practical quizzes.

Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI)

The PHR certification is one of the most popular and highly regarded certifications awarded by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). The coursework mainly focuses on operational and technical HR management approaches, and covers HR-related laws and regulations in the U.S. 

To be eligible for the certification, candidates must have at least a year’s experience in HR and a Master’s degree, two years of experience in HR and a Bachelor’s degree, or four years of experience in a professional-level HR position. Furthermore, candidates must also participate in an HRCI-approved training course and be accepted after applying.

Certified HR Professional (CHRP) by HRAcademia

This certification is specifically designed to certify HR professionals through an online platform where they can prove their merit by studying internationally approved course content and passing a rigorous online examination. The certification exam is developed by HRAcademia to meet the diverse needs of Human Resource professionals throughout the world while adopting a universal perspective concerning the human resource field.

CHRP certification provides a sense of personal satisfaction because you undertake and succeed in a difficult endeavor. It is a highly valued certification that gives you a competitive advantage in the job market. Similarly, when you are hiring, this certification gives you an extra measure of confidence to evaluate a candidate. The best part of HRAcademia is that you become a certified individual for the rest of your life, you will not need to recertify yourself or pay membership fees after a few years.  

SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) by SHRM

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) offers a competency-based HR certification program. The certification is designed to help HR professionals increase their performance and focus on increasing productivity and people-management skills. The SHRM-CP is the main certification program SHRM offers; the other certification program is SHRM-SCP, which is designed for HR professionals with more industry experience.

Depending on the individual’s needs, SHRM also offers courses focusing on certain specialty areas, including immigration laws, workplace investigations, talent acquisition, inclusive culture, and people analytics. However, the SHRM certification program’s eligibility requirements are quite complex, therefore, you must review these against your experience in HR.

Strategic Human Resources Leadership (SHRL) by the Human Capital Institute

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) delivers Certification programs and conferences virtually throughout the globe. They focus on three core beliefs: 

  • Organizational success could be achieved by aligning human capital with business strategy.
  • Businesses with aligned human capital strategies will subsequently outperform others
  • Human Resources and talent management professionals must have the right strategic skill sets and mindsets.

HCI offers access to Strategic HR Leadership (SHRL) and several other competency-based certification programs related to the field of HR. To prepare for the examination, HCI Academy provides candidates with participant materials, guides, practice tests, and mentor support programs. There are no prerequisites for this course, although, to earn the certificate, candidates are required to attend all sessions, participate in group discussions, complete all class deliverables, submit an evaluation, and pass the final exam.

Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) by HRPA

The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) offers an exclusive Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) credential. CHRP is recognized in the U.S. and many other countries, however, the primary focus of this certification is on several other topics, such as exit management, compensation & benefits packages, administration, and recruitment & candidate selection.

To earn the certificate, one must complete a series of nine subject areas related to HR by taking college courses through a network of colleges and universities in Canada, which are reviewed for approval, then sit for challenge exams. Furthermore, to earn the CHRP certification, you must become a member of HRPA and participate in their course and exam schedule.

Wrapping Up

The best way of upskilling and showcasing your knowledge and expertise is through earning a professional certification from a renowned institute!

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