How can an online tutor quickly and efficiently develop their account on Instagram? 4 tips for those who start in 2022

Pandemia has taught us that most things can easily be done online – especially work and quality studying. Today the number of online schools and tutors has come to equals with the number of the offline ones, and we cannot say which ones of them are more popular. However, more and more teachers that help students to understand various disciplines are choosing to work online; and in addition to Facebook and specialized platforms it would be best for them to also have their Instagram developed. 

In this article we have gathered 4 tips for online tutors to help them quickly and efficiently develop their account on IG and start making more money. We’re going to talk about the power of reels, about the mutual PR that won’t take any money from you, about a chance to buy Instagram followers cheap as an initial boosting base and streaming: how it works and why it is good for online teachers. Let’s go!

1. Film reels

This is without a doubt the best tool for free promotion today: you can attract new people without even using a paid targeted ad. Instagram is going to show your video exactly to people who are interested in it, and if you’d choose the right hashtags, the process is going to be quicker and easier. Try to post at least 2 reels per week to a) fill your profile with more interesting materials b) attract more people who might want to buy lessons from you. Engage them with interesting stories and helpful studying techniques. 

2. Do mutual PR with other tutors and online schools 

This one is optional, however, if you’d find several people who have approximately the same number of viewers as you do, all of you are going to be able to “exchange” the audience and sufficiently widen the spectrum of your subs. If each one of you has 100 subs, four of you will be able to beat it up to 400 and so on. Form the net of online “colleagues”, it is definitely going to be helpful. 

3. Purchase subs for your page to support the daily content 

If you see that you can’t gain enough subs to make your profile look “weighty”, just buy real Instagram followers and forget about that case. There is simply no need to make your life harder when you can go to a decent promotional website and apply for their help. They will deliver whatever number of subs you need, and you can even go for a weekly or monthly subscription to forget about that problem once and for all. Just make sure that you’re buying real subs, otherwise you can harm your statistics a little bit. With real subs not only will your count of followers grow, but the statistics will improve as well – Instagram is going to show your posts as recommended to more people. 

4. Stream, when you have spare time

And the last thing on our list – steaming. Do broadcasts whenever you can and maybe even do them with other tutors (whom you’ve done PR with previously, for example). Don’t try to actually teach people something on those streams though (this is a paid content that you need to monetize!), but share your opinion on how to study a certain thing best, tell about the cases that you’ve had in your practice, try to be as welcoming as possible and never forget that no promotional tools will work if you won’t put enough heart and enough interesting info out there in your posts so people would want to work with you. Good luck! 


In conclusion, Instagram is a free online photo editor and sharing application that allows users to share photos and videos. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices. online tutors can quickly and efficiently develop their account on Instagram by following the tips in this article. They should start by creating a profile, then finding and connecting with other users. Once they have built up a following, they can begin posting content that will interest and engage their audience. By using Instagram wisely, online tutors can reach a wide audience and build their business.

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